How to Develop the Perfect Idea for a Winning Blog

Generating quality online content can be quite the challenge—especially for folks who aren’t trained writers.

I’ll let you in on an insider secret: Even trained writers experience difficulty putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard as the case may be.

The hard truth is that if you’re going to be successful in your business, you must learn to generate ideas and content. Consumer analysis reports that people are responding less to traditional advertising and marketing schemes, and more to educational content.

In order to set yourself apart from the competition and increase customer loyalty you must become a storyteller.

When I say this to my coaching clients, the most common response is:

“But I don’t have any good ideas.”

To this, I say:

“If you didn’t have any good ideas you wouldn’t have started a business.”

That you’re reading this means that you also have great ideas. You just have to find a way to shake them loose.


Getting Started

One of the most important ways to become a better writer is to practice. Every day, if you can. But you want to actually produce quality content without wasting the day, which means you can’t just sit down to the computer and wait for inspiration to hit. That rarely happens the way it should. Instead, it’s more about walking up to the tree of knowledge—in this case, your brain—and shaking the crap out of it until something falls out.


When I need to generate ideas on the quick, I ask myself the following questions. It works every time.


* What do you want to see less of in your industry?

When you read blogs or content from peers, what is that one thing that makes you shake your head in frustration? What is that topic you feel is emphasized too much, but really isn’t doing anyone any good?

Fat loss company Metabolic Effect has some serious beef with the diet industry so they’ve taken the “anti-diet” approach. Their focus is to generate content that flies in the face of traditional weight loss dogma. The approach works–they have nearly 63,000 devoted Facebook fans.

Be like Metabolic Effect—find that one thing you’d like to squash and make yourself known for it.


* What is missing from your industry?

A month or so ago I watched a movie called Puncture. The story involved a nurse who contracted AIDS when she accidentally pinpricked herself with a contaminated needle. She learns of a safer, retractable needle and fights to promote its use in hospitals. You probably don’t deal with such heavy subject matter, however, the story illustrates how an individual noticed a need and fulfilled it.

It’s likely that your industry isn’t 100% perfect. Find the gaps and create ways to fill them.


* What is there not enough of in your industry?

IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading educator of fitness professionals worldwide, believed that there wasn’t enough transparency regarding personal trainer and instructor certification. They discovered that a high number of professionals were working in the field without being adequately certified to do so.

Fearing for the safety of the consumer, they started a program called IDEA FitnessConnect, a site that lists each professional’s certifications—verified by the certifying bodies—so that individuals can find qualified professionals in their area. If a fitness pro isn’t certified, FitnessConnect will reflect this.

In this case IDEA wanted more transparency in the fitness industry. What is it that you want more of in your industry?


BONUS TIP: Survey your target audience.

Who better understands what they want from you than the people for whom you are writing, right? Sort of.

Unless you’ve got a huge, interactive audience, posting requests for ideas on your fan page will be very unsuccessful. And it’s depressing—and reflects poorly on your business—when the question goes unanswered.

If you work in the field, like a personal trainer or health coach, you have a captive audience with whom you’ve already developed a rapport. Ask clients what they’d like to know more about and they will provide you with endless story ideas.

Alternately, think back to the questions you receive the most. Chances are if one person has a question, others will, too.


One caveat is that you want to make sure that these ideas support your overall mission. If your focus is nutrition for new moms, you probably won’t get much traction with a blog on plyometric training for high school basketball players.


Get to Work!

Ideas lie just underneath the surface. When it’s time to write, simply ask yourself questions about the faults of your industry and you’ll never be at a loss for content.


Questions? Comments? I’d LOVE to help. Simply post in the comments section below, or on the Fit Scribe Media Facebook page,


Stay tuned for next week’s blog. Now that you have some good ideas to run with, the next step is to create a masterful headline, which can make or break the success of your post. Don’t want to miss out? Just drop your name and e-mail into the subscription box top right.


Happy writing!



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